Purchasing Tickets for Six String Social Club Concerts

Individual & Group Sale Tickets On Line - You can purchase tickets online through PayPal on this web site by clicking on the "Buy Now" button associated with each individual concert. You may use your PayPal account or any major credit card to purchase your tickets through PayPal.

All online tickets are will call. No tickets will be mailed. Your PayPal receipt is your proof of purchase.

By Mail - If you wish to purchase your tickets by mail, please send your check for the full amount of the tickets to The Six String Social Club, 610 Leather Hinge Trail, Roswell, GA 30075. Please indicate the date and time of the show you wish to attend and include your email address. No tickets will be mailed. We will send you a receipt by email. Your email receipt is your ticket.

At the door - If space is available you may purchase concert tickets at the door the day of the concert. Tickets purchased at the door must be paid for with cash, checks or credit cards. .

Day of Concert Availability - Ragamuffin Music Hall seats only 50 people for each show, therefore day-of-concerts tickets will be limited. If there are two shows, the second show will be the most likely to have tickets available. We will usually post seat availability on this web site for each show, although there is always a chance seats will be available due to no-shows. Please call 770-365-7738 if you have questions about the availability of walk-up tickets.

Notwithstanding, in the event an event is cancelled, the ticket purchaser will automatically receive a refund not to exceed the face value of the ticket. In the event an event is rescheduled, the ticket purchaser will be entitled to a refund of the face value of the ticket if, within five (5) days of the event’s originally scheduled date, the ticket purchaser forwards the original e-mail receipt to refunds@sixstringsocialclub.com and requests a refund.